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5 Ultimate Tricks to Increase website speed to 90 %

To increase the website speed takes a few things to do and have the best page-load of your website. Having a website that is slow is really annoying and worrying not only to the owner of the site but also to the users. Anyone who visits your site is easily turned away due to bad web speed.

In this article, I will show the best 5 ways how to increase website speed to over 90 %.

1. Check and test the web speed.

Checking the website speed can be done by the use of internet tools or from a hosting service company where your website is hosted. Not all hosting companies have these tools. you can check for the best hosting companies

  1. Using GTmetrix

To increase the website speed start by testing the page load speed using GTmetrix. It is a website with a tool that analyses the website’s speed and performance. To use it you need to do the following:

  • Copy and paste your URL in the Testing/search bar, then click on the “Test your site” button and the tool will generate scores for your pages and offers Pagespeed and Y-Slow.
  • Check and analyze the page performance and the website speed from performance and structure tabs. Go through the Dropdowns in the structure tabs and fix the elements causing the website slowdown.

2. Using Pingdom

Pingdom is another website tool that analyses and tests the website speed and the load speed. It is designed to make your site load faster by identifying webpage speed and its size. It generates information about different content on your site including HTML documents, JavaScript file, CSS file, Image files, Plain text documents, and any other content types.

Pingdom increase website speed
  • All you need to do is to enter your website URL in the test bar then click on start test, then the tool generates all the information about your site, that is the performance and the load speed.
  • Fix the content types to have the website speed increased

2. Install Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Install the best WordPress plugins used to increase the website speed, and have a significant on the page load and content types. Most of these Plugins have these features

Page cachingStoring website data copies or files in a cache of the browser so that they can be accessed more quickly.
Cache pre-loadAllows the browser to load portions of the website data into memory when the page load is started or when the new load is created instead of a new search time.
Minify CSS, HTML, and JavascriptThis means removing any unnecessary characters from within a file to help reduce its size and increase the page load. The page file can be combined into one style file.
Image lazy loadingThe images are deferred or loaded at a later point in time, instead of loading them up front. This increases the page load
Database optimizationThe database system response time is reduced by avoiding coding loops and enhancing proper indexing. This improves the page performance.
CDN integrationIt is a content delivery network (CDN) that speeds up the delivery of web content by bringing it closer to where users are. CDN companies include Cloudflare.

Best Cache Plugins:

3. Optimise your Images

Large files placed on the website in most cases slow down the web page speed due to the file size caused by the images. it is important always to optimize your images for the best research results and web speed.

Image optimization is best done by internet tools such TinyPng and WordPress plugins. Install these free WordPress image Optimiser plugins and make your site load faster.

  • Smush.
  • Optimus.
  • EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer.
  • Compress JPEG and PNG Images.
  • Imsanity.
  • Imagify.
  • reSmush.it.

4. Uninstall unnecessary Plugins and Inactive themes

Remove all the unnecessary plugins and the themes that are not needed. these may be the cause of the low page speed.

  • Navigate to the dashboard and click on the plugins
how to increase the website speed
  • Choose the plugins and check all those that you need to deactivate.
deactivate plugins to increase website speed
  • Select bulk actions and select deactivate
website speed
  • Then check all the plugins and delete all the deactivated plugins

5. Check your Hosting Plan and Server

The slowing of a website can be a result of the server of your hosting company. The free hosting company normally has limited space for the database of your website content and this leads to poor response time and too much time for the page load.

Host your website on trusted sites that have quality services and offer a great size for your database files. some of the hosting companies have SSD and NVMe storage instead of HDD and offer fast and easy hosting. LEARN more about the Best Hosting Service companies.

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