how to best to prepare for A level exams 2020

How best to prepare for A and AS level 2020 Exams Leave a comment

In this article, we share explore different ways how to prepare for A & AS level exams. Tests sat in the UK usually at age 17 and 18 about I specific subject of your choice. They are made up of two parts an AS level sat in the first year and an A2 level sat in the second. To prepare you learn the content of the exam and then revise for a few months preceding the exam. The following are the steps one should take to have good results.

  1. Make a plan.

  2. Choose the right subject at a suitable time.

  3. Prepare your revision tools.

  4. Ask  for help.

  5. Do Self evaluation.

  6. Reward yourself.

1. Make a plan

Making a plan is one of the best things one should make before starting to do something. When making a revision plan, the school  exam time table and the school syllabus must be considered and referred to every point. A revision plan  should  not miss the following:

  • Revision time table indicating time for self reading, break, lunch, discussion or help from tutor, time for dinner and rest.
  • Books or online material to use.
  • Other activities of daily home routine e.g house work, jogging, outings etc.

ALL should be considered when planning and making a time table.

2. Choosing the right subject at a suitable time.

choose the right subject

Taking a decision to do something at times, it’s hard but if step one is done, then your are half way to your success.  Some subjects such as biology, history, geography business and so on( essay content covered subjects) require one to revise as early as 4:00 am to 6:00am, however all can be adjusted Deeping on the environment and level of understanding.

3.Prepare your revision tools.

prepare for exams

Thirdly, you need to prepare the revision material and tools you are going to use. Have these relevant material before you start your revision, namely;

  • A to do list for that revision. starting what to do from the beginning up to the end of that revision.
  • Note book to write or summarize what you are revising.
  • Rulers, pens, graph papers, calculator depending on the subject.
  • Past papers questions to carry out self evaluation.
  • Text books should also be aside. Please get Online textbook of syllabus from here
4. Ask for help (Tutoring/Discussions).

ask for help

It is always wise to ask for help from a friend by calling, reaching in contact, online, via the social media – but this should be strictly made to avoid going astray from reasoning of that call. Due to covid- 19 pandemic students all over the world have  hired tutors from different eLearning websites. please follow my Profile link from apprentus.

5. Do self evaluation.

self evaluation

At the end of the revision task, with summarized notes, please do evaluate yourself using the “exercise” and “end of chapter tests” from the textbook or use past papers by doing questions in reference to the syllabus of your examination year. This will check whether one has understood well and is ready for the exams. 

6. Reward yourself.

A levels is a two way level. what you put in is what you get out. Make sure to reward yourself along the way, and have a special reward for doing so well on your A  & AS level exams and reaching a milestone with, an outing, trip or dinner, and have fun. Hope that you have found this blog post informative and useful. Please leave a comment or suggestion at the end of this post. Wish you the best in all you do!

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