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Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide and Derivatives


Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide and Derivatives

Authors Craig W. Jones
ISBN Number 0-85404-536-8
Publisher  Royal Society of Chemistry
Category  eBooks, Chemistry



Product Description

Hydrogen peroxide, as well as being an incredibly simple inorganic compound, is also a beautifully versatile one. Over the last decade it has had somewhat of a rebirth in both industrial and academic circles. Hydrogen peroxide, as well as being an incredibly simple inorganic compound, is also a beautifully versatile one. Over the last decade it has had somewhat of a rebirth in both industrial and academic circles. The rather glib explanation for such a renaissance is due to regulatory forces causing the chemical industry to reduce, and in some instances eliminate, environmental pollution. However, such a reason does a great disservice to hydrogen peroxide. Whilst it is true that environmental agencies and legislation have caused a major shift in emphasis during the latter half of the century and polarised our efforts on so called ‘green chemistry’, by far the most overriding reason why hydrogen peroxide is now more popular is due to the fact that the chemical industry has learnt to employ the chemical in a safer, more efficient, and innovative manner. In addition, hydrogen peroxide and its derivatives can not only be employed for their traditional bleaching applications or for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals, but also have uses in a diverse array of industries. Precious metal extraction from the associated ores, treatment of effluent, delicing of farmed salmon, and pulp and paper bleaching are but a few areas where hydrogen peroxide has had a profound effect on the quality of all our lives. The aim of this book is to allow those unfamiliar with the versatility of hydrogen peroxide and its derivatives to walk into their laboratories and to look for possible applications in their own areas of expertise where hydrogen peroxide can perhaps help increase a yield, purify a compound, or afford a more environmentally benign route to be devised. The author would also like to encourage educationalists to attempt to introduce courses on hydrogen peroxide on an academic and practical level to not only undergraduates but to those of school age studying the sciences. The introduction of topics like this coupled with an understanding of catalytic routes to industrially important chemicals will hopefully encourage future scientists to think in terms of relatively benign synthetic methodologies rather than being constrained by the chemistries of the 19th century synthetic chemist. This book has been organised such that each chapter

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