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Organometallic Chemistry 2nd Edition


Organometallic Chemistry 2nd Edition

Authors Gary O. Spessard
ISBN Number 978-0-19-533099-1
Publisher Oxford University Press
Category  eBooks, Chemistry

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Product Description

Organometallic chemistry is an exciting and rapidly-expanding field that has changed considerably over the 12 years intervening between the first edition of our textbook and the appearance of this new edition. Since 1997, six organometallic chemists have been honored as Nobel Laureates because their work has had such an enormous impact, not only on the field but also to related areas of the chemical sciences, especially organic synthesis. The first edition indicated that π-bond metathesis would have significant bearing on the course of organometallic chemistry. We now realize that the applications of metathesis to organic synthesis constitute one of the most significant advances in the ability to construct complex molecules to occur in the past 50 years. The ready availability of user-friendly software and high-speed computers has made computational chemistry and molecular modeling important and routinely used tools for the elucidation of organometallic reaction mechanisms. High-level molecular orbital calculations have helped unravel the mysteries of catalytic cycles and allowed chemists to develop new chemistry based on the results and predictions of these computations. Recent developments in organometallic chemistry have been highly beneficial to practitioners of materials science, who produce exciting new substances, often through organotransition metal-catalyzed polymerization reactions.
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