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Name Uncanny Learndash Groups v3.7 Free Download
Version 3.7 (Latest Version)
Update 10 Aug, 2020

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Get powerful, intuitive group management and reporting for LearnDash.

LearnDash offers a great way to manage access to courses and reporting with its “group” model. It lets site owners assign courses to organizations and schools so that students can be managed collectively instead of individually, and it gives teachers and organization reps access to reporting for their students.

If you use LearnDash Groups for B2B sales, you need this plugin.

With Uncanny Groups for LearnDash, users can configure, buy, manage and report on their groups using a powerful front-end interface–freeing you to you focus on growing your business.

Whether you’re building a training program or running your own business, the last thing you want to be spending time on is managing groups or pulling group reports.

Uncanny LearnDash Groups gives group leaders exactly what they need to manage and report on their users – without having to access the confusing /wp-admin interface.

Email Group Users form
Group Leaders can add and invite users, send password reset emails, and even easily mass email all students in the group.
It includes 5 reports that let group leaders view progress and quiz results by user, group, or course. Even drill down into the specific answers each user chose on quizzes!

add new user form fields
It lets group leaders enroll users in their group by adding them directly, by uploading a .csv file, or by distributing enrollment keys so that users can self-register.
Uncanny LearnDash Groups provides group leaders with a powerful front-end interface for reviewing, grading and approving quiz essay questions and assignments.

And even lets group leaders manage learner progress and download learner certificates!

Save time setting up groups or let customers build and buy their own!

Those powerful features take care of managing groups. But how about the typically time-consuing, 100% manual process of setting groups up?

With Uncanny LearnDash Groups and WooCommerce, you can sell groups to organizations: Organizations can choose courses or buy predefined bundles with WooCommerce.
And even add seats or courses to their groups later on!
Or create pre-set course bundles that users can purchase on a one-time or subscription basis.

In all of the these scenarios, Uncanny Groups automatically calculates the per-seat cost of the group license and automates the payment and group setup process so Group Leaders can start adding users to their groups—all without admin intervention!

Now that you’ve seen just how awesome Uncanny LearnDash Groups is for groups, you probably have a few questions, like:

  • “What if I don’t want group leaders to have access to all those cool features?”
    Simple! You can enable or disable almost any feature in the plugin to create the perfect experience for your users.  The Group Management page is completely customizable.  Don’t want CSV uploads? No problem.
  • “What if I want to manage some groups myself, but also have groups that are self-managed?”
    With Uncanny LearnDash Groups, you can choose to manage some groups yourself, while giving other groups access to the group management interface.
  • “Will it work with my existing LearnDash Groups, or do I have to create new ones?”
    Uncanny LearnDash Groups is completely compatible with your existing LearnDash groups.
  • “How about bulk discounts? I want to offer different discount tiers depending on the quantity of seats my customers purchase.”
    No problem! The plugin gives you the ability to configure up to 10 different discount percentage tiers based on the total number of seats in a group. Bulk discounts are even applied correctly to the total number of seats in a group if a user adds additional seats at a later date.
  • “Okay, but what if I don’t want to sell access to groups at all?”
    If you conduct all of your transactions offline or your course offerings are free, Uncanny LearnDash Groups works great with or without eCommerce.
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