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Shoptimizer Woo-Commerce Theme

This theme is really hard to get because it is not located on the WordPress repository and ThemeForest if is really a nice theme. It had its own website and that’s why it is not found on the ThemeForest market.

The theme comes with a commerce kit with many settings and other features that can be added to your woo-commerce website. The theme is geared towards conversions and you can add the ajax search plus limit the products in the Ajax search.

Features of Shoptimizer Woo-Commerce Theme

Using the commerce kit, you will use the countdown timer that can be added in the checkout page in order to increase conversions. You will have the order bump that allows users to add specific products at the checkout when they are processing the purchase of the product.

The theme definitely increases the conversions to increase your sales. It is equipped with a stock meter that displays how many products are available and the sketch utility of your products, thus increase in the number of conversions.


You can pretty customize any single detail on your shop page, single product page, cart page, and checkout page. Show all the products that are still in stock or out of stock. Add a digital count timer to your products under sale. It’s easy to include a timer sales countdown on each product along with an animated stock counter to persuade customers to buy. This can use real data or virtual data to increase the feeling of scarcity and speed up a potential purchase.

Add a well-designed contact form on the single product page and let buyers contact you before they purchase the item.

Better SEO rankings

Organic search is a huge part of most businesses’ performance, as well as a critical component of the buyer funnel and ultimately getting users to complete an engagement.


The Shoptimizer Woo-Commerce Theme can be obtained by purchasing a single subscription plan that runs for a full year at $ 300 per year, One can update by deactivation and activating from one domain to another.

The theme is suitable for those who want to customize every single detail of their eCommerce website and engage with the customers to increase the number of conversions

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