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SureCart: Best e-Commerce Plugin for WordPress 2022

SureCart is a brand new WordPress plugin that has revolutionized the payment system of products and services sold online giving your website the fastest speeds customers are buying something. There other ways to increase the website speed but SureCart is another deal.


Which kind of products is SureCart Made for?

The products SureCart is mainly made for are:

  • Physical Products
  • Digital products, like A course, Software, eBooks,Videos, Images etc
  • Services
  • invoices.

How to Install the Plugin

This Plugin is a free tool compatiable with wordpress and can be installed from their Website or from the WordPress Dashbord in the backend.

To install this ecommerce plugin, you need to visit the surecart website and click on the download button. Then you will be directed to the WordPress.org where the plugin is downloaded.


Again You can install the tool from your wordpress dashboard. Go to the backend of the website, and under plugins click on add new and upload the plugin file downloaded. Activate the plugin and proceed to installation

The Payment Methods

With all the above products, you ca set uo different payement methods while using this plugin.

  • One Time payment

In this one, you can set up the price of the product, which is to be paid once by the customer. It works like any other ecommerce plugin like woo commerce where the buyer fills in the details and buys the product basing on one price set the seller. You can also let the buyer choose and decide how much he or she wants to pay above the minimum price you have set.

  • Payment Plan

The same product or service can be paid using a payment plan. With this you give the a chance to purchase the product in installments without paying the price once.

To do this set the number of months or installements and the price he has to pay for each installment. You can a free period beyond which the buyer is recuired to start paying for the product or service

  • Subcriptions

Allow customers to pay by subscribing and paying a single price upfront to access your product like a course or eBook. This payment method is suitable when one is paying for services that need memberships. Websites like netflix, Udemy use the same type of payment plan.

On the same checkout page, customers can choose the type of payment plan they may want to use or strict them to only one payment method. Customers can swicth between differen payment membership plans

  • Donations

With SureCart Donations to your website are made easy. Allow people to payb for whatvever how much they want to pay. Set different amounts that can be donated or let them choose much they want to donate to your website.

  • Invoices

SureCart can be used for payments where invoices are used. let people enter the invoice number and make payments through your website. The payment invoice can be downloaded from the order history and used for adminstrative purposes.

SureCart Invoice
  • A Buy Button

You can set up apayment page and insert a buy button that drives you straight to the checkout page. Work with the SureCart by creating a page using the page builders like elementor or DIVI. Insert the button in the price table of your page using a special link created from the SureCart.

The Checkout form

use different kinds and styles of forms on your checkout page. The plugins comes with 5 special aready made forms that you can choose from. You can adjust the form by customising it, changing the style, content and the fields.

Checkout forms

You create coupons refunds and automatics taxes while using this pluin. Intergrate the payment methods like stripe and Paypal and let your e-commerce website generate income for you on auto pilot.

Hope this article was useful to you, please leave your feedback below under the review section. Thank you.

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  1. Great article Tony. Merchants are pushing very hard for this, just for their pockets. However, I also see the market adjusting itself. When Durbin amendment first came out, we almost thought it would be the end of debit cards, yet it still remains and is very profitable as we changed our marketing strategies. Yes, debit card rewards went away, however there are many merchant funded rewards that have taken their place. It’s not the same, I understand, but it is an option. I see the same thing happening for credit cards – with the number of fintechs attempting to take a piece of the payment business – when this goes into effect – I see a flood of new reward types or options.

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